Celebrities are having a rough couple days of sticking their foot in their mouths.

After the internet gathered both Eva Longoria and Katy Perry for their strange comments about the election, Keke Palmer got a bunch of smoke after a tone-deaf tweet on Monday morning.

"Imagine if your EBT card could only work on healthy items," the Brotherly Love actress wrote. 

Palmer was having a longer conversation on Twitter about eating healthy and the scarcity of healthy foods before tweeting out the post which many deemed classist, offensive and patently ignorant of the struggles of people who use EBT cards.

People who currently use the cards slammed the wealthy actress for implying that people who are forced to use it were choosing not to buy healthy foods. Many noted that most of the people using EBT lived in food deserts, where healthy food options are non-existent or too costly.

Dozens of others said it was appalling for someone as wealthy as Palmer to be tweeting about what low-income people should and should not buy with their money, especially during a pandemic that has left millions unemployed, according to The Washington Post.