Hoping to address viewers who have been criticizing the wigs featured in his productions, Tyler Perry revealed that he pays $65 per hour for hairstylists on his set, TVLine reports. Perry appears to be especially sick of hearing the criticism targeted at his BET drama, Sistas, a show that is largely focused on five successful Black women in Atlanta who navigate the ups and downs of their love life.

The women in the show are seen with various types of hair, including braids and twists, as well as relaxed and straightened hair. Viewers, however, have taken issue with the wigs worn by the characters. 

In response, Perry has asked people to tone down the backlash. 

“I want all of y’all to stop talking about hair to me, please,” the producer said on The Tyler Perry Show: Sistas After-Show Edition. “I swear to you, these are the things I can do: I can run a company, I can build a house, I can go on stage. I do all of this stuff. I know what I do. I don’t know how to do hair. I don’t know nothing about it.”

Due to his lack of knowledge about a woman's crown, the Hollywood mogul evidently leaves the job to professional hairdressers.

“I hire people to do hair. Pay them $65 an hour,” he said. “You heard that right. Sixty-five dollars an hour. They work 10 to 12 hours a day to make sure the hair is right. That’s their job, so I’m paying them to do their job and they’re doing that. They’re doing a great job. Sometimes, things slip because I move a little fast, but they get it done.”

While social media users are still chirping, Perry is telling them to take their complaints elsewhere.

"Stop asking me about some damn hair,” he said. “Go talk to somebody that’s got a hot curler. Like I’m walking around with a damn hot curler.”

While the 51-year-old has established himself as the one of the most successful film and TV producers, the wig police are finding it hard to take him seriously.

Some people are wondering why the wigs can't appear more professional if the producer is investing a large amount of money to hire stylists.

But most are finding the wigs to be very comical.

Perry's explanation apparently hasn't been enough to quiet the noise. This one appears to be a hairy situation for the Hollywood star.