John R. Tyson, Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Foods, was arrested last weekend after he wandered into someone else’s home and feel asleep in a bedroom, CNN reports.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning. A woman found the 32-year-old asleep on a bed and called the police. She didn’t know who Tyson was, Ozarks First reports.

The woman told responders that she thought Tyson may have entered the home through the front door, which she remembered was left unlocked. When police arrived on the scene, they found Tyson in the back bedroom with his clothes at the foot of the bed. They identified him through his driver’s license.

Authorities tried to wake up the CFO and talk to him, but he was unable to communicate. He was able to sit up for a little while, but ultimately tried to go back to sleep.

According to the police report, police smelled alcohol on his breath, and he was sluggish and uncoordinated. He was taken into custody on Sunday morning in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

Tyson was released on bond later in the day.

Tyson Foods issued a statement on the incident.

“We’re aware of the incident and as this is a personal matter, we have no additional comment,” they told CNN.

Tyson became CFO of the company not too long ago — on Oct. 2. He’s also an executive vice president at Tyson Foods and the son of John H. Tyson, who’s a chairman on the company’s board.

According to CNN, this isn’t the first time a food company senior executive has stepped in hot water. Doug Ramsey, former chief operating officer at Beyond Meat, was forced to leave the company a few weeks ago after he was arrested for assault.

He was taken into custody on charges of “terroristic threatening” and third-degree battery, following an alleged incident where he bit a man’s nose after an Arkansas college football game. The former COO was released on an $11,000 bond the following day, according to court records.

Ramsey left Beyond Meat in October.