Recent events, such as last month’s Million Man March, have inspired me to assist in making change. Although I’m not expecting to change the world in a day, I know that there are many things I can do right now in my community to help change occur. Ujima, which means collective work and responsibility in Swahili, is something we can all participate in throughout the year.

Here are 4 tips for helping your community right now:

1. Buy Local

Support local artists, creators and business owners. I’m sure we all know someone who is a painter, vendor, or holistic artist — the list goes on. Do your part in supporting your own because that is what community is all about.

2. Volunteer

Take some time monthly to volunteer within your community. Whether it’s helping to clean up a local park, serving at a homeless shelter, or even visiting an elderly home to hang out with the residents, there are so many meaningful ways to help those around you. Not only will you be doing positive work in your free-time, but you will also feel the benefits of helping others in need.

3. Become a Mentor

For a long-term approach in assisting in your community, sign-up to be a mentor! With everything that is occurring in the world, why not be a source of support to our younger generation? Being a mentor not only helps your mentee, but also gives you a sense of responsibility and an opportunity to change a life.

4. Donate

I’m sure you have lots of items collecting dust in your home. Why not give them away to someone in need? Take some time quarterly to donate your unused clothes, shoes and miscellaneous items to local organizations that give back to your community.


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