A University of Georgia teaching aide is receiving backlash after he suggested white people might have to die for Black people to become liberated.

Irami Osei-Frimpong made the controversial remarks in a Tuesday post on his personal Facebook page, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The idea that some White people may have to die for freedom isn't particularly shocking," he wrote. "We have a standing army and an armed domestic police force.

“I think what's offensive is the notion that some White people may have to die for Black people to be free.”

Critics also decried a 45-minute long video titled “fighting white people is a skill,” reports WXIA.

"We're not taught how to fight white people about whiteness," Osei-Frimprong said in the video. "We're taught how to punish Black people and treat them like garbage, but we're not taught how to fight white people."

Offended viewers demanded Osei-Frimpong’s termination and suggested UGA’s donors withhold funds.

The university released a statement condemning the content. The school claims “it has been vigorously exploring all available legal options. Racism has no place on our campus, and we condemn the advocacy or suggestion of violence in any form. We are seeking guidance from the Office of the Attorney General as to what actions we can legally consider in accordance with the First Amendment.”

Osei-Frimpong believes critics have taken his words out of context.

"I'm confused why that is so controversial," he told WGAU radio.

The 40-year-old insists he does not want white people harmed and was merely pointing out a historical trend.

"It's just a fact of history that racial justice often comes at the cost of white life," Osei-Frampong added. "I didn't advocate for violence. I was just honest of racial progress."

Osei-Frimpong has worked as an aide in UGA’s philosophy department since 2016. He is currently pursuing a doctorate and blogs about race on his website, “The Funky Academic.”

Osei-Frimpong knows his job is at risk but is undeterred.

"If they fire me,” he said. “They'd be firing me for doing my job."

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