The much-anticipated race between legendary sprinter Usain Bolt and NFL superstar Tyreek Hill may finally take place in the near future. NBC's Dan Patrick set the stage for the battle when he recently interviewed Bolt on his show on Thursday. 

"This Tyreke Hill challenge, is that ever going to happen?" Patrick asked the former Olympian.

As Bolt hesitated to give a definite answer, the host suggested the two men to engage in a 70-meter race.

"He wants 40 and you want a 100, how about 70?" Patrick asked. "I think he'll take you in 40. But if he doesn't have you after 60, then it's over."

Bolt, however, remains confident in himself despite any type of race.

"I still don't think he can take me in 40 meters," the gold medalist said. 

The sportscaster then proposed the stakes and suggested for the race to take place a week after the Super Bowl in February.

"You up one of your gold medals and he puts up his Super Bowl ring," Patrick said.

The world's fastest man gladly accepted the challenge, saying that's he's willing to sacrifice one of his eight gold medals. Hill, however, only has one Super Bowl ring.

"I don't think he's going to go for it," Bolt said, adding that he has been daring the wide receiver to compete against him.

Patrick said he will now reach out to Hill to get him to agree to the challenge.