Victoria Monét is showing love to her fans who called out MTV after the 30-year-old artist seemingly wasn’t invited to perform at the 2023 VMAs.

“I see your advocation for me to have performed tonight and I’m so grateful to you!!” she tweeted on Wednesday. “Sincerely! My team was told it is ‘too early in my story’ for that opportunity so we will keep working! I’m grateful for YOU, for my tour starting this Friday and for the ability to see some of my favorite people perform tonight and receive the love they so deserve!!! For me, it’s part of the story… and in Gods time.”

Monét attended the VMAs on Tuesday night, The Messenger reported. However, fans were disappointed after they realized that she wasn’t performing at the show.

“Nah the building would have shut down had you performed On My Mama!” one person wrote. “Everybody know that song and would have been standing for it period! i don’t see where they was coming from with this one.”

Monét’s fans also said it was a loss for MTV.

Despite the disappointment, fans encouraged Monét to keep her head up.

Monét has already overcome much bigger obstacles in her life. In 2021, Monét and her partner John Gaines faced a scare after welcoming their baby girl, Hazel, who was treated in the NICU after experiencing breathing complications, Self reported. Monét said she was overcome with a mix of emotions.

“They took her to the NICU after I breastfed her for a little bit,” she told Self. “Literally I was screaming to turn sideways in the bed and getting up and down, and they were like, ‘You know, you can’t be in the NICU and fall.'”

Fortunately, according to Monét, she “went home with her after four or five days in the NICU” and “six weeks later, I was taking her into the studio.”

Inspired by motherhood, along with the love she has for her own mother, Monét dropped the track “On My Mama.”

“[Going back to work with Hazel] made me even thank my mom. I was like, ‘I had no idea. This is what you went through to have me? Thank you so much,'” she said in the same interview with Self. “It just brings a whole other appreciation to every woman in your life, and every woman who has a baby, because it’s like you understand on a whole new level.”

The beloved video for “On My Mama” features Monét’s daughter Hazel and her own mother, L’Tanya Chestang-Cubit.

The rising star is in the middle of touring to support her JAGUAR II album, which she released on August 25. The 22-city tour includes stops in Detroit, Toronto, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.