A woman on TikTok went viral after blasting a man who she said was constantly interrupting her during a virtual meeting. The TikTok user, who goes by Brini, said the man kept speaking over her and started presenting her ideas as his own.

Brini also said she cut off the man when he said, "The problem with you women is…"

"I have no tolerance for this anymore," she said on the social media platform. 

The man can be heard in the TikTok video while trying to interrupt the presenter.

"Please keep yourself on mute," Brini said while speaking with the man. "I'm actually not done speaking. While I respect your ability to speak on and on, my ears do actually have a limit. I find it extremely disrespectful and degrading that you felt a need to not only interrupt my entire presentation, but also repeat back to me exactly what I had just offered to the table."


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In a follow-up post, Brini said she is a 20-year-old woman who owns a production company. 

"When I started my company, I was about 18 years old and I knew as a young woman I wasn't going to be taken seriously," she said, adding that she has been lucky enough to have some mentors who have supported her despite the challenge.

The latest incident, according to Brini, involved a brand that brought her in to direct a commercial.

"I was presenting to them my idea," she said. "This guy was on the marketing team, and he basically started interrupting me over and over again. I started filming for my close friend's story on Instagram, and my friends were like, 'You should post this.' There's more to that video from beforehand. But I started filming that part after he started the sentence that was 'the issue with you women.'" 


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Brini received support from many of her followers after posting her story. While some people admired the young woman for the stand she took, others were shocked to see the incident that unfolded during a professional meeting. Brini's video received more than 2 million likes and 13,000 comments at the time this article was published.