A Purdue University student has released footage on his Instagram accusing a university police officer of police brutality after the officer repeatedly punched and pushed his head into the snow during an arrest.

During the video, 24-year-old Adonis Tuggle can be heard screaming for assistance as the cop is on top of him.

"Stop! You're hurting me! You've been disrespectful the whole time, bro! You're choking me!" Tuggle says in the viral clip.

The video shows Officer Jon Selke calling for backup as he warns Tuggle's girlfriend—the woman shooting the video—with a taser after she allegedly touches him.

"Please help! This officer won't get off his neck! He's has taken it too far!" she screamed out at Selke.

In Tuggle's recent Instagram post, he shared cops would not release bodycam footage of the incident. 

"Officer Jon Selke of Purdue Police punched me repeatedly, elbowed me in the face, smothered my face into the snow, and choked me with his elbow while having me pinned to the ground the entire time," Tuggle wrote. "Purdue police refuse to give me bodycam footage and have concluded Officer Selke “did no wrong”. Help me get justice and hold this man accountable."

The Journal & Courier reports Tuggle was arrested and taken to Tippecanoe County Jail on suspicion of resisting law enforcement. He was released on a $250 bond. In a public statement, police Chief John Cox shared he felt Selke did everything right.

"Purdue University police became aware Friday night (Feb. 4) of an incident that occurred that evening involving a Purdue police officer who responded to an urgent call from a third party following our 'see something, say something' campus safety guidance," Cox wrote in a statement."The caller stated that it appeared a woman was being held against her will near Horticulture Drive." 

"Any time a PUPD officer uses force in connection with an arrest, the department conducts an internal review," Cox continued. "PUPD commenced that review, led by Deputy Chief Lesley Wiete immediately upon receiving the officer's report on Friday night."