A Philadelphia police officer is facing criticism after a video went viral showing him harassing a group of teenagers and detaining one of them for no reason.

The situation happened Thursday when a group of teenagers was standing by a bus stop on their way home. The video, taken by a 16-year-old girl named Asia, shows an officer pushing a young boy's legs into his police cruiser and slamming the door shut.

In response to the outcry online, the Philadelphia Police Department asked the teenagers to file a complaint against the officer.

You can hear Asia and the other kids nearby repeatedly asking the police officers why the boy was arrested. Many of the kids waiting at the bus stop said the boy was simply waiting with them when the police cruiser showed up and detained him.

When the officer noticed Asia and the other teenagers were filming the interaction, he approached them and told them to get on the bus and leave.

By Monday, Asia's video had been seen over 1.5 million times on Twitter and Instagram.

Asia wrote on Twitter the situation was frustrating because she was with him as they walked from school and thought the arrest was completely arbitrary.

"Our school is down the street from the bus stop. I personally was with the young boy the entire walk to the bus stop and I’m saying this to tell you he did not do anything. I was with him the ENTIRE time, then the cop pulls up on us. Now out of the 800 people that has watched both videos and most have tagged @PhillyPolice we still have received a response from them," she wrote. "I am 16 and quick to pull out a camera when the police came around."

The response to the police statement on Twitter was harsh, with some even offering to help the teenagers file the complaint.

The officer has not been identified, but Asia said she was hoping the bodycam footage came out to show what really happened.

"@PhillyPolice I honestly want to [hear] the body camera’s audio for this day AND you owe the young gentlemen an apology for harassment," Asia added.