Married Virginia couple Jackie and Wayne Carter created a "not reaching" pouch in response to the reported numbers of traffic stops that turn deadly — and to mainly address the racial disparity of black victims and other victims of color in fatal traffic stops.

Their website refers to the "not reaching" pouch as a "solution to the fatal traffic stops experienced particularly by young, minority males throughout the country."

The pouch was created to contain essential documents police officers typically ask for, including a driver's license, insurance card and vehicle registration. It's also intended to be attached to the vent in the car closest to the driver's side window.

In an interview with local CBS 42, Jackie Carter, a local court reporter, demonstrated how a driver could grab the "not reaching" pouch instead of reaching around the vehicle. 

"Not Reaching! is a revolutionary identification system that allows motorists to remain stationary in their vehicles during a traffic stop by eliminating reaching for identification by the request of law enforcement," the website states in part. "Not Reaching is a start to a safe traffic stop and helps to de-escalate a tense situation."

In an interview with local NBC 12 News, Jackie Carter said she came up with the idea for the pouch after interviewing several police officers and after feeling an "unrest" from the countless stories of fatal traffic stops. 

Research has revealed that police officers are more likely to stop and search black and Hispanic drivers than their white counterparts in the first place. And, as Vox reported, FBI data has revealed racial disparities in how police use force against black people overall.

Jackie Carter told NBC 12 News that it's their hope the "Not Reaching" pouch would at the very least "take away one of the reasons" police encounters turn deadly.  

"We are in such a tumultuous time right now that we have to be ready and vigilant on everything that we do, including traffic stops," she said. "So, I thought that having the 'Not Reaching' pouch will at least take away one of the reasons why this was happening during motor vehicle stops."