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The current state of the housing market may have you feeling some type of way about purchasing a home.  We get it. It’s a confusing time, and there’s a lot of conflicting information floating around about home buying. There are difficult questions that come up when you’re deciding on your housing. Should you buy or rent? Is now a good time to buy or should you wait? What neighborhood should you live in?

If you’ve been going back and forth in your mind about whether or not now is the right time to purchase a home, we’ve got good news for you. If you’ve saved, done your research and feel ready, then consider shooting your shot and buying your home now. Fortunately, there are sites like Zillow to help you get the most out of navigating your home-buying journey. Zillow offers tools such as virtual 3D Home tours and interactive floor plans, which allow you to immerse yourself in a home and quickly narrow down your options, potentially saving time by touring fewer homes in person. And Zillow’s mortgage calculator helps you understand how much home you can afford and provides  an estimated monthly payment. The feeling you get when you purchase your first home is unmatched, and there are plenty of reasons to go for it now instead of waiting.