While appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Kathy Hilton confused Lizzo with Precious, the Daily Mail reports. During the show, host Andy Cohen asked Hilton and her fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars to play the segment “Will! Kathy! Know Them?”

Crystal Kung Minkoff, Hilton’s co-star on the reality show, and the other guests were asked if they thought Hilton could name a famous face. If she responded with yes, then Hilton would have to answer.

During the segment, Hilton was shown a picture of Lizzo.

“I feel like I do? Precious?” Hilton said after looking at the picture.

Both Minkoff and Cohen appeared to feel second-hand embarrassment. Cohen covered his face with question cards, and Minkoff put her hand to her head.


When a clip of the segment went viral, Twitter was enraged, assuming she confused the singer with actress Gabourey Sidibe, who played the character Precious in the eponymous 2009 movie.

However, one Twitter user suggested that maybe viewers were wrong in their assumptions.


The user suggested that Hilton wasn’t confusing Lizzo with Sidibe, but model Precious Lee.

“Also I think Kathy may have been referring to the model Precious Lee and not the movie,” they tweeted.

Most viewers agreed with the Twitter user’s revelation.

“You could be right on this,” one user replied.

Another pointed out that it’s unlikely Hilton even saw the movie Precious.

“I sort of agree. I would be surprised if Kathy ever even watched Precious,” they wrote.

But not everyone was convinced.

“Yeah, let’s say that,” one user wrote.