Beyond The LightsA couple of weeks ago, writer-director Gina Prince-Bythewood was in London, at the BFI (British Film Institute), where a screening series featuring her work, was presented; both her first feature, "Love & Basketball" (a love story that she says was inspired by "When Harry Met Sally"), and her latest work, "Beyond the Lights," were screened for audiences. 

Prince-Bythewood was present for post-screening chats for both films. I shared video of the conversation that followed the screening of "Love & Basketball" last week (watch it here), and now the BFI has made video of the second post-screening chat (after "Beyond the Lights") available online – this one featuring both Prince-Bythewood and the star of the film, Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

In the 30-minute conversation, moderated by host Rian Johnson, the director and actress discuss their love for the music industry and actor Judy Garland, alongside real-life fascinations that influenced the making of the film, the creative journey they took together, and more. 

It’s a worthwhile 30-minute discussion which I’ve embedded below: