I have to keep reminded myself that Hulu exists, as silly as that sounds. I’m on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube most often, and rarely visit Hulu for content. But Hulu does have its own share of worthwhile content, including exclusive rights to non-American TV series like this one… the Lennie James police drama series, Line Of Duty, made for and broadcast on BBC2 in the UK last year.

It’s actually been available on Hulu since August of 2012, but I’m only just now finding out that it’s there, so I’m assuming many of you also weren’t aware that it’s been available on Hulu.

All 5 episodes of season 1 of the hour-long crime drama are on Hulu for you to watch, so take advantage. I most certainly will. 

The series apparently did well enough in the UK that the BBC ordered a second season.

Described as a hard-hitting, cat-and-mouse thriller which takes a probing look into modern policing, with Lennie James starring as a charismatic but controversial copper, the full synopsis for Line Of Duty reads:

Following one multi-stranded investigation over five hours, Line Of Duty sees Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) transferred to AC-12, a fictional anti-corruption unit, after a mistaken shooting during a counter-terrorist operation. Alongside Detective Constable Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), they are assigned to lead an investigation into the alleged corruption by a popular and successful officer, Detective Chief Inspector Tony Tate (Lennie James). While Tate cleverly manipulates his unit’s figures, DS Arnott questions whether Tate’s being made a scapegoat for a culture of institutionalized spin, or is guilty of darker corruption?

Creator of the show Jed Mercurio had this to add regarding James’ role and the series’ plot:

“Lennie James is electric as DCI Tony Tate, a complex and elusive anti-hero, and a formidable antagonist for two of the most exciting young talents in British TV – Martin Compston and Vicky McClure – who play the relentless anti-corruption officers on his trail.”

That’s right, you read that correctly – antagonist – a formidable one too! But expect some twists and turns, as I’m sure all isn’t exactly as we think it is.

I’ll watch it this weekend – at least the first episode.

I’ve embedded episode 1 below so check it out: