Boxgirls - BroadlyIn July, Vice unveiled Broadly, its new women-focused channel that debuted on August 3, which covers topics that run the gamut – politics, culture, lifestyle, sex, fashion, and much more – all from the perspective of women around the world.

It’s a global endeavor, like its parent company, broadcasting in-depth documentaries about various subjects – especially those that may not be as well covered by mainstream news sources. Vice has made a point of being a place for men looking for “non-traditional” stories and news coverage, so this is an attempt at trying to appeal to women also seeking "non-traditional" stories, featuring a team of all-women correspondents (as you’d fully expect), tackling news with the same unfiltered approach that has give its parent – Vice – the uncompromising reputation it has today. I’m certainly a subscriber, and have shared some of Vice’s content on this blog in the past.

This is the second Broadly piece I’ve published on S&A, and it likely won’t be the last.

Titled "Nairobi’s Boxgirls Fight Back," the short documentary reports on a community in Kenya that has responded to rampant violence against women by teaching girls how to fight back.

"Founded in 2008 by professional boxers, Boxgirls has helped equip women with knowledge of their rights and the skills they need to defend themselves against rape. The outreach program has since changed the perception of what girls can do in the community and It now reaches 1,200 girls in the area. Broadly spends a day with Nairobi’s Boxgirls to find out how the sport has given women control of their sexuality."

Watch the short doc below: