In my article this past Wednesday, about the upcoming documentary Let The Fire Burn (HERE), I said that the incident, involving
the back to nature, black radical group MOVE, and the Philadelphia Police, “was a major media story in the
country for weeks and the subject of much intense debate.

A few people doubted that statement, and if you don’t remember
it, you obviously weren’t around back then, but believe me it was.

The film, which is being released through Zeitgeist Films, and begins a
theatrical run in October in major
cities, including New York and Chicago, chronicles that story, which
led to the infamous May 1985
standoff between the police and the group, which ultimately lead to the deaths of several adults and children, and the total destruction of an entire neighborhood.

A trailer for the film wasn’t available at the time of that previous post. However, it’s been released today and is embedded below: