Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge, who was recently confirmed by the Senate, is making a strong impression for her command of the press room, earning the respect of Twitter as the “Black auntie” of the White House.

On Thursday, Fudge, the first Black woman to lead the department in over 40 years, was lauded by people on social media for how she handled the opening of a press conference after her greeting to reporters was met with a flat response.

“Good afternoon,” she announced after being introduced.

Without hearing any greetings in return, as is common courtesy, Fudge put her finger to her ear to indicate that she had not heard a response.

In a fashion similar to that of a grade school teacher or an aunt, the HUD leader tried to get the members of the press room to understand the error in their behavior. She uttered “good afternoon” once more prompting a response.

This time, the press members in the room minded their manners and sent back greetings in return.

“Thank you,” Fudge said over a room of giggles. “I was wondering if I was in this room by [myself].”