I already said previously that I think the marketing for this flick has been a tad too much. You'd think the film was opening this weekend; nope – we still have almost a month to go, which means, another 3+ weeks of more photos, behind-the-scenes featurettes, clips, 7th, 8th, and 9th trailers, poster art, etc.

We haven't posted every single new piece of marketing released for the film, and I'm sure you're thankful for that. 

Given how secretive the production has been, we haven't known much about Idris Elba's role in Prometheus, the forthcoming sci-fi thriller from Ridley Scott. We finally learned more than we'd known before in a recent interview with IGN, in which the actor gave some insight into his character, Janek.

Revisiting that interview… here's what Idris had to say about Janek:

He is an engineer. He works on these huge vessels that do long-haul space trips. He's the captain of Prometheus and there isn't much to him. He's like a longshoreman. There's no real mystery with him, I don't think, and why would there be? His job is pretty straightforward. He has a character and personality that will reveal itself in the film. But his purpose on that ship is to fly it and to get it from point A to point B. He's not really involved in the politics that ensues in the film… There's an interest because what happens on that ship affects everyone on it, but yeah essentially his job is to get everyone there. It's a mission and he's basically the eyes of that vehicle. Things happen that do affect everybody in one way or another and as the man that has to deal with the ship, he has certain responsibilities to uphold and fulfil. I had a fantastic time playing him and it didn't need to be complex, but it was so enjoyable. It's neither a big part nor a small part, it's just a great part. It's a part that I think plays a very important role in the film.

As Sergio asked in a previous post, will the brotha live to see the end of the film, or will he eat dirt before the end credits role?

I'm actually thinking that this could have one of those really gloomy, and ambiguous endings, in that, most, if not all of the characters die before the end credits role. Or 1 survives, choosing to stay on the distant world that they are stranded on; or does he/she? Is it all in the mind of these characters, or just one of them? What's real? What's a manifestation of their subconscious selves?

I'm getting a Solaris (both Tarkovsky's and Sodebergh's versions) and Sunshine (Danny Boyle) kind of vibe from all I've seen and heard, but just on a much higher budget, with less introspection and more spectacle. 

And if you've seen all 3 of those flms, you'll understand what I'm getting at in terms of what may be an ambiguous ending that leaves us with more questions than answers… setting things up for a sequel of course 🙂

An exploration of the unreliability of reality, and the human unconscious; lots of mental anguish and torment brought about by their experiences on this strange land.

Yup, I'm going with gloomy.

Elba co-stars along with Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, and Charlize Theron, in a role that sounds somewhat minor, based on his description of it.

Watch him do what Janek is there to do primarily, in this new clip from Prometheus: