Jerrika Hinton joined the cast of this season's Grey's Anatomy, playing new intern Stephanie, in what will be a recurring role during the series' 9th season on ABC.

Fans of the series who've been watching the show thus far, this season, should know and recognize her.

Hinton, whose past work includes parts in both film and TV, is also a writer and director in her own right. She penned the script for, and directed this new short film titled The Strangely Normal, which debuted on the film festival circuit earlier this year.

Oh, and by the way, she co-stars in the short film as well, and has given us permission to post it here on S&A.

What's it about?

Life is a series of choices: to progress, to regress or to stagnate. The Girl is whip-smart wallflower and the ultimate late-bloomer. The morning of her 30th birthday, she comes face-to-face with calamity and her ultimate fear: letting people into her life. Her Gay and Her Black Friend are her best friends and guideposts as confident and competent members of society. Taking decisive action, they thrust her into the normal world of parties, groups, and dates. But what happens when an unusual girl is confronted with the usual suspects? The Girl grows up.

The 21-minute short film can be watched by clicking HERE, so check it out; and catch Jerrika on Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights.