Watch Rapper Aminé Drop Bars And Seamlessly Issue A Timeless And Necessary Warning To White Folks Rapping 'N***a'

Aminé has a message for all rappers to CHECK their non-black fans.

Photo Credit: Photo: Twitter

| May 22 2018,

6:07 pm

Kendrick Lamar recently had to check a white fan after she got onstage and performed his song, failing to censor the word "n*gga" ... multiple times. 

Following that incident, Oregon rapper Aminé's NPR Tiny Desk Concert resurfaced because, well, words he said during it are apt. 


In the 2017 concert, Aminé did a mashup of his hit singles "Spice Girl" and "Caroline." "Caroline" is rife with the N-word, but in this particular performance, he remixed the line "Killa, Westside n*gga" line with "Killa, if you ain't black, don't say it!" 

The video has racked up almost 1.5 million views on YouTube. On Twitter, users agreed that it's about time more rappers follow suit with similar disclaimers. Aminé's line put it plainly, and it goes for all non-black people.


Check out Aminé's full concert below: