Rep. Ayanna Pressley pressed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, on the poor conditions of substandard public housing at a hearing for the House Financial Services Committee. Pressley asked Carson if he would allow his grandmother to use public housing while he ran it.

Pressley told the story of a woman — living in her district — who could not get surgery for her grandson because the housing was a concern for post-operation.

"Do they deserve to live in these conditions because they are poor?" Pressley asked Carson, to which he refused to answer.

Carson appeared flustered in his response to Pressley, saying he was reclaiming his time at a certain point before being corrected by the line's originator Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters.

Waters originally used the phrase "reclaiming my time," against another Trump administration official. At that time, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin did not give sufficient answers to why a letter went unanswered by the treasury department.

"The time belongs to the gentle lady," Waters said.

Pressley's line of questioning did not go unnoticed either, drawing applause from fellow representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who tweeted congratulations to the Massachusetts Democrat.

But in what may be his worst moment from the hearing, Carson also confused an REO — which is a type of real estate that has been foreclosed upon — with an Oreo.