Some of the best media available online is deceptively simple. One or two people speaking into a camera is sometimes all it takes to become an online sensation. Essentially, as people, we are interested in other people, and we like conversation. Lindi and Koodzi understand these fundamental truths and have produced a web show which is a model of media excellence. For just over a year now, these two South-Africa-based Zimbabweans have been sharing their thoughts and inviting the world into their conversation with their web series The SNATCHED! Show

What is it?

The SNATCHED! Show is, in essence, a talk show. Lindi and Koodzi are the two central hosts, but they also often have guests and alternate co-hosts. Each episode focuses on a different topic of discussion. Topics have ranged from colorism to relationships. It’s fascinating to get insight into these issues from the perspective of two young, cosmopolitan Zimbabweans in a way that is instantly relatable, no matter where you’re from.

The simplicity of the format is reminiscent of podcasts such as The Read and Another Round — two people talking. Like those two podcasts, The SNATCHED! Show offers unique and insightful commentary on current events and society.

Why should I watch it?

The SNATCHED! Show is warm, interesting and insightful. The friendship between Lindi and Koodzi is a key strength of the show. Their love and care for one another creates the perfect environment to invite an audience into. The dialogue between the two is very genuine; this is not a formulated, formulaic discussion — it’s just two friends talking.

With the Western mainstream media so often doing an incredibly poor job of communicating about Africa and Africans, having two young Africans speak about their thoughts, opinions and experiences is immensely valuable.

For all of these reasons and more, The SNATCHED! Show is a really enjoyable show to watch. You will very quickly find yourself laughing along with Lindi and Koodzi, having made two great new virtual friends.

What can I expect?

Season 3 of The SNATCHED! Show has just started. If you head back to Season 1 to binge-watch yourself up-to-date, you’re in store for a treat. Here’s the first episode of the latest season:


Although The SNATCHED! Show is still very much an underground phenomenon, it’s begun to develop a committed following:

And finally

The SNATCHED! Show is a lovely show that is as informative as it is funny. Lindi and Koodzi are educated young professionals with something to say. Yet, they also demonstrate a passion to empower their fellow millennials, both in Africa and beyond. The SNATCHED! Show is definitely a must-watch. Check it now on Youtube and show them some love on Twitter.

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