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'People Don't Think We Exist:' New Book Explores What It Is Like To Be A Queer Woman Living In Nigeria

She Called Me Woman: Nigeria's Queer Women Speak seeks to convey what it means to be queer and trans in Nigeria.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 3 months ago

10 Things You're Bound To See At A West African Wedding

Check This Out
Nadine Cookson
 • 4 months ago

Nigerian Senator Challenges Kanye West's Slavery Was A 'Choice' Remark By Inviting Him To Visit Country's Slave Ports

The invite includes a complimentary ticket and tour guide.
Maya J. Boddie
 • 5 months ago

See How This Artist Merges Her Cultural Experiences And Religious Background To Create Moving Art

Lewinale Explores the Union of Cultures with use of Silver, gold and African traditional designs
Siah P
 • 5 months ago

This Assistant Principal Created A Company For Black Folks Who Want To Volunteer Overseas

Travelers get Africa without the white saviorism.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 5 months ago

Changing The Narrative: The Importance Of Marvel’s 'Black Panther' In The United Kingdom

"Although 'Black Panther' may just be one film, and its positive model of representation is the exception rather than the rule, it has succeeded in showing the world a new perspective ..."
 • 5 months ago

How I Saw Wakanda At AfroTech

Elements of Wakanda are already a reality.
Cordelro Brown
 • 6 months ago

Wakanda Forever, But What About Africa Today?

A deep dive into some of the implications of 'Black Panther.'
Andre Seewood
 • 7 months ago

Serena Williams Hopes To Make History By Bringing One Of Tennis's Top Tournaments To The Motherland

We hope WIlliams succeeds in bringing the tournament to Kenya.
Malinda Janay
 • 7 months ago

How The Story of Wakanda Affords Black Viewers The Chance To Analyze And Reflect

'Black Panther' is a moment for black people to control our own narratives.
Alfonso François
 • 7 months ago

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