Detroit reporter Victor Williams took his talents outside of the news station on Thursday. Williams went on a trip to a new local skate park for his latest story about free skateboarding lessons and showed off his impressive skills during his live shot on Local 4 News.

"Free skateboarding lessons are happening at a new skatepark in Detroit. Of course, I had to show the kids something on [Local 4 News]. In all seriousness — as a child, I would have killed for a new park and mentors in the skateboarding community. Glad to see it’s happening in Detroit," Williams wrote, sharing the story with his over 2,000 followers on Twitter.

The anchors back in the news station were pleasantly shocked to learn how talented Williams was on the skateboard. But he said he's had years of experience working on the craft.

"Long time, it's been about since I was 8 years old," he told the anchors of how long he's been practicing his skateboarding skills. 

The move not only impressed the people back at the station, but also many people on social media. The video has almost 6,000 retweets and over 40,000 likes, but the numbers are quickly growing. Followers left comments saying how nice the news clip looked. 

CNN correspondent Josh Campbell responded saying how a new bar has been set for reporters everywhere. 

"Nicely done. That sound you hear is the collective sigh from reporters everywhere, realizing there will never be another live shot that can match this amazing one," he wrote. 

"One of my Michigan friends has sworn up and down for years that Detroit's news teams are just special, and I've made fun of him for it. Then, every time I see one of them, it's some fantastic bit like this, so looks like he's right," a social media user wrote.