nullI just recently came across this and I’m willing to bet that you won’t see a film this year that’s more uplifting and inspiring than this new documentary about this remarkable 11 year old cellist prodigy, Malik Kofi. But I feel that I also must warn you…

Warn you to the simple fact that, after you watch this trailer, which by the way is called Little Music Manchild: The Malik Kofi Story (made by Birmingham Alabama based filmmaker Malena Cunningham), that it might just depress you as well.

Depress you in the sense that you’ll start thinking: “What was I doing when I was 11 years old?” or “Why didn’t I turn out like him?” or “How come my hopeless, completely clueless kids aren’t like him?” 

Or just: “Where did I go wrong?

But young Mr. Kofi, who is way beyond his years as you will see, is a genuine wonder. Not only is he an extremely talented  and accomplished cellist, but also a musical prodigy who plays the piano, drums and guitar. He’s an inspiring orator as well.

Living in Alabama, he was raised by his vegan grandmother, Ruby Cox, along with his two older twin brothers, who are also quite musically and intellectually gifted.

Ms. Cox also raised her grandchildren on a strict vegan diet. As she has been quoted, she kept them totally off junk food because “it’s substance abuse. Kids that eat that junk don’t focus, can’t sit down, are noisy and disruptive and are not imaginative.

Amen. Who’s going to argue with that?

Ms Cunningham plans to premiere the film in April in Birmingham at a fundraising event to support Malik’s music lesson fees, and hopefully, after that, get the film shown on the film festival circuit this later.

And oh, I did tell you that he’s only 11 years old right?

Here’s the trailer: