When the queen comes to reign, she pours content and drips legend.

Beyoncé hasn't taken her foot off of our necks since she released her first Netflix documentary, and this new Lemonade surprise is no different.

As Blavity reported, the queen of surprise stunts finally allowed her multi-platinum album Lemonade to be streamed on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

As fans began to indulge in the sonic goodness that is Lemonade, they discovered a surprise at track 13. The re-released album now includes a demo version of her hit single "Sorry."

The three-minute song has a slower tempo than the original. Additionally, the original version includes a few unheard lyrics and sets a different tone than the original.

The ballad will set you up to both cry and throw some bows at the same time.

Who else can release a three-year-old song and cause all this conversation? The answer is obvious.

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