nullAs expected, The Dark Knight Rises beat the action packed (but PG-13 tame), tedious and totally devoid of personality (compared to Paul Verhoeven's 1990 original) Total Recall, without a doubt, one of the least neccessary remakes in recent memory.

And the strong showing of DKR is perhaps an indication that people who stayed away from seeing the film because of the Colorado movie theater shootings, are now going to see it, and that it's getting repeat business as well.

Meanwhile both Magic Mike and Moonrise Kingdom are proving to be two of the real sleepers of the summer film season.

And the raunchy R rated comedy Ted is actually outgrossing DKR in many overseas markets.

As for Beasts of The Southern Wild, the film is continues to do solid business, moving up a notch to 12th place this week, expanding to 318 theaters, with a b.o. total just short of $6 million so far.

1) The Dark Knight Rises  WB  $36,440,000 Total: $354,638,000
2) Total Recall  Sony $26,000,000
3) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Fox $14,700,000
4) Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox $8,400,000 Total: $131,863,000
5) The Watch Fox $6,350,000 Total: $25,363,000
6) Ted Uni. $5,479,000 Total: $203,414,000
7) Step Up Revolution Sum. $5,300,000 Total: $23,097,000
8) The Amazing Spider-Man Sony $4,300,000 Total: $250,640,000
9) Brave BV $2,890,000 Total: $223,324,000
10) Magic Mike WB $1,380,000 Total:  $110,894,000
11) Moonrise Kingdom Focus $1,232,000 Total: $40,750,000
12) Beasts of the Southern Wild FoxS $1,175,000 Total: $5,904,000