Making big money that is.

Even though the reviews for Thor: The Dark World have
been less than stellar, with “boring” and “tedious” being operative words,
the film, which lacks the wit and charm of the first Thor movie, still did what
was expected of it.

Box office analysts days before the film’s release were
predicting that the film would haul between $80-$90 million, and that’s exactly what it did, earning some $86

And that $86 million was part of the over $180 million take the film made this
weekend worldwide, with a global total to date of $327 million, meaning that even at this stage, Dark World, no doubt, will far
surpass the first Thor film in total worldwide box office.

Last week’s No. 1 film Enders Game dropped big as expected, but Last Vegas actually held on very solidly indicating good word of
mouth and has the potential to be a fall season sleeper hit.

As for 12 Years A
, the film opened up in more theaters this weekend, playing at over
1,100 screens, and came in 7th place with over $17 million to date.

1) Thor: The Dark World BV $86,109,000 
2) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Par. $11,300,000 Total: $78,747,000 
3) Free Birds Rela. $11,180,000 Total: $30,196,000 
4) Last Vegas CBS $11,100,000 Total: $33,531,000 
5) Ender’s Game LG/S $10,250,000  Total: $44,001,000 
6) Gravity WB $8,405,000 Total: $231,119,000 
7) 12 Years a Slave FoxS $6,600,000 Total: $17,346,000 
8) Captain Phillips Sony $5,800,000  Total: $90,982,000 
9) About Time Uni. $5,172,000 Total:  $6,690,000 
10) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $2,800,000 Total:  $109,976,000 
11) Carrie SGem $1,275,000 Total: $34,041,000 
12) All Is Lost RAtt. $1,203,000 Total: $2,871,000