Pioneering hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes opened up in a recent interview about her financial troubles and her violent encounter with mega-producer Dr. Dre in the 1990s. 

Barnes appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday to discuss her career and a new book, People magazine reports. Last month, the famed journalist revealed she was on the brink of homelessness and had difficulty finding substantial work to pay her bills. She started a GoFundMe campaign to get back on her feet. 

“I wanted to put it out there because I knew it was going to get out there eventually," Barnes told Williams. "I had several jobs I couldn’t keep. I couldn’t keep the rent up. There was stuff that I was trying to do on the side, freelancing that wasn’t coming through.”

Although writing and music are her passions, Barnes told the controversial talk show host she had to take jobs in retail to make ends meet. Coming forward about her struggles ultimately helped the success of her fundraising campaign. The news spread online and many came forth to help her out. 

HipHopDX, which put it out on their website, and you speaking about it, that affected it,” said Barnes. “The money went up … It went up to $30,000 and then I closed it off.”

She is reportedly staying with friends until she finds a place of her own. In the past, she also frequently used Airbnb to keep a roof over her daughter's head. 

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Williams also wanted to contribute to Barnes' cause. The 54-year-old media provocateur gave Barnes $15,000 toward a new life. 

“Our friends at and they have this service where they help people find temporary and long-term housing," Williams said. "So to help you and your daughter, Dee, get back on your feet, they and we are giving you $15,000 towards a place to live.”

Not only will Barnes get funds for housing but she will also get a book deal with Hunter Publishing in conjunction with Kensington Books.

“I would like to publish your book and then have you back on the show once it’s published and then I would also like to produce the movie," Williams added. "I would like to produce the movie of the book.”

During the telecast, Barnes was also asked about the violent 1991 incident involving Dr. Dre. The host dug more in-depth in the event, resulting in Barnes suggesting there was also a possible sexual assault during the physical altercation. Page Six reports Dre reportedly followed Barnes into a bathroom at the time. He has since apologized for his actions, but there was no mention of a sexual assault.

The former Pump Up host took a long pause before commenting. 

“I’m not comfortable talking about everything right now,” she said. 

“Your silence is speaking volumes,” Williams responded.

Williams then asked how the assault would affect her career, reportedly preventing Barnes from a role in the film Set It Off.

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