Wendy Williams is allegedly mounting a boycott of Sherri Shepherd’s show, which replaces hers.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Williams has been allegedly calling her friends to convince them not to guest star for Sherri Shepherd. She has also allegedly been discussing a boycott of the show with her friends from the Real Housewives franchise.

The site quotes Okay!, who alleges a source said that Wendy believes she has loyalty from her famous friends, but they will go on Shepherd's show anyway.

These rumors come after a bombshell report by The Hollywood Reporter detailing the final days of The Wendy Williams Show, which included multiple allegations of Williams’ return to addiction amid her descent into poor health. The report describes a Zoom call with the Wendy Williams Show staff, in which Williams was clearly unwell.

"It lasted two and a half, three minutes, and it was not pretty," said Debmar-Mercury's executive vice president of programming Lonnie Burnstein to the outlet. "People were sort of freaked out. She was saying things like, 'Oh, I can't wait, I'll be back with you really soon,' but it was obvious to anyone watching that she was not going to be back really soon."

Williams was also reportedly in denial about the state of her health and her show, with Debmar-Mercury’s co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein saying they had to repeatedly tell Williams they had to cancel her show and move on with Shepherd in order to keep their 10 a.m. timeslot. According to Marcus and Bernstein, each conversation with Williams was as if they talking about the issue for the first time.

Williams is still in the press for disturbing reasons, such as paparazzi videos and pictures that show her either with slurred speech or looking dazed. She also is still in a battle with Wells Fargo for control of her finances.

Shepherd has also started clearing her name in the press, interviewing with the Daily Mail to say that he is a person full of positivity who wishes Williams well in her journey to better health.