A Wendy’s assistant manager in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been fired after a video showed him hurling insults at a young Black employee, calling her a “b***h” and saying she's being “f**king lazy.”

Sophia Cargill, a general manager in training at the restaurant, recorded the incident two weeks ago while she was being berated by her colleague, TMZ reported. The assistant manager, identified as Michael, can be heard in the video yelling at Cargill, telling her to "f**kin' clean, b***h." 

The rest of the staff gasped as Michael unleashed his tirade. 

"I got you on camera, Mike. That's the end of the road," Cargill said while recording. "I'm gonna send this video to Lisa. I'm sorry, Lisa. But this is how your other managers treat me."  

Cargill goes on to say that Michael has been yelling at her for about five minutes. The two employees then continue to go back-and-forth as Michael insists that Cargill hasn't done anything since they closed.


After Cargill shared the video on TikTok, it was reposted by comedian D.L. Hughley. As public outcry ensued, Wendy'sannounced the assistant manager had been fired.

"We have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace. Upon learning of this situation, we acted immediately following our protocols and suspended those involved to run a thorough investigation," the fast-food chain stated.

In a separate video, the young woman said she was suspended without pay while Michael continued to work. She also launched a GoFundMe page, saying she's looking for assistance because she's about to quit her job.

"I’m unsure if I want to return to Wendy’s. I’m asking for help during my transition and I’m debating returning because this problem is systemic," she wrote last week. "I’m traumatized and this is why I’m unsure of my return to Wendy’s. Thank you for any help in advance. I’m hiring a lawyer! And protecting me and my mental health."

The fast-food employee also said she has faced abuse at the restaurant multiple times. 

"This person here is the assistant manager. He does not want me to become the general manager and he made it hard for me while in training," she said. "I endured multiple occasions that I reported to the general manager and nothing was done. I got suspended, but this is just the only one I got on film."