We've had to spend months listening to elderly comedians complain about the fact that they can't denigrate women, minorities and the LGBTQ community anymore. Some of them have proclaimed the death of comedy. But the daily hilarity ensuing from Twitter begs to differ. 

This week, Twitter came together to rejoice in the genius of a video by longtime YouTuber Mark Phillips. The simple and extremely relatable skit about Amber Alerts had everyone thanking the young Black minds behind the video. The video racked up nearly 700,000 likes and 9.5 million views by Friday.

Folks also fell in love with this hilarious tweet that took quite a few turns.

And y'all remember Bernice from the South Beach Tow TV show. She was great. 

As always, there was an assortment of greatness that trickled out across the Twitterverse.

Stay warm this weekend!