A few days ago social activist Deray McKesson (twitter user @deray) appeared on CNN to talk about the double standard on race in the reporting of crimes. He spoke intelligently in the face of Brian Stelter, who interrupted him several times. I felt he was eager to dismantle Deray’s points before his guest could even make them. While that may be debatable to some, we can’t deny the passion and truth McKesson exhibits in defending our people. Watch the video below:

The differences in the way race is reported on was also demonstrated in this satirical video in which Chris Hayes, an MSNBC journalist, talks about White people in the same way that media tends talks about Black people.

The video mirrors exactly what Deray was saying about the ridiculous nature of how the media talks about Black people by criminalizing us and blaming the victim. I hope that these two outlets discussing the problem will encourage a shift in the right direction


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