In the commonplace of cultural appropriation in fashion, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 line premiered with his models sporting “mini buns.” Revived recently by White haircare site “ManeAddicts,”, these “mini buns” look conspicuously like bantu knots. While racism in fashion may seem like a recent conversation, the erasure of Black women (and many people of color) from magazines to runways is as old as the artform. From durags to baby hairs, we’ve seen shamed Black aesthetics repurposed as "vogue" for White people.

This week two hashtags have been clapping-back to White millennial cultural appropriation:

#MyCultureisNotCouture speaks to how African and Black cultural icons are stolen and sold as high fashion.

#IWillNotShare undoes the argument that Black cultural items should be available to all people although Black folk are persecuted for having them.

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