Netflix's Spy Kids: Mission Critical drops on Friday, and TMZ recently chatted with one of the actors, Travis Turner, regarding the character he plays.

Turner portrays PSI in the animated reboot of the early 2000s live-action film series, but PSI is black. And Turner is white.

When asked whether he considered that the black community might have an issue with him voicing a black character, Turner admitted he thought about it but ultimately brushed it off.

“If they want they can say whatever. I actually come from an urban background. I lived in motels," said Turner, before pausing to think about what he just said. "What I’m trying to say, I relate to the urban community.” 

Through motels?!

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The 30-year-old actor then name-dropped black celebrities that he admires, noting that he grew up watching Chris Rock and Chris Tucker. He also pointed out that he once worked with Snoop Dogg.

Turner mentioned that he "sponsors black kids" and claimed that "social media is dividing us" before ranting about politically correct culture.

After insisting that he's more about the "community" and "love," he mimicked the voice he uses as PSI as he yelled (in exaggerated African-American Vernacular English), "I wouldn't step foot in that club unless I can Nae-Nae, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?!"