A sorority sister from the University of Tennessee’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter was suspended due to her use of the N-word in a racist Snapchat video. 

Yahoo News reports the woman featured in the video, Savannah Micillo, is a student at UT’s Knoxville campus. University officials were made aware of the clip on Thursday after students shared it to their social media pages.

In the six-second video posted by Twitter user @zairequinn, an unidentified man is heard asking Micillo, “What do you call Black people?”

The woman slowly turned away from the smoke cloud hiding her face in the dimly lit room. She then replied "n****rs” without a moment’s hesitation.  

According to the New York Daily News, Alpha Chi Omega was tagged in the tweet and replied directly, expressing outrage and vowing to take action. Erin Witt, the director of marketing and communications for Alpha Chi Omega’s national organization, issued a statement informing media Micillo has been suspended for her part in the video.

“The racist behavior displayed in this video is abhorrent and grotesque. Upon learning of this member’s actions and seeing the outrageous conduct displayed in the video posted yesterday, the leadership of our chapter at the University of Tennessee immediately suspended the member seen in the video,” the statement read.

Alpha Chi Omega will begin the process of terminating Micillo from the organization in the coming days.

“We are committed to being a partner to the University of Tennessee and the entire university community; our members and their peers across campus deserve far better than the conduct displayed here," the Greek organization stated.

In the meantime, the student at the center of the controversy may face additional punishment from the university. Unfortunately, federal law does not allow schools to disclose how matters involving individual students are resolved.

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