White people receiving little-to-no consequence for the same actions Black folks are punished for isn't just an American thing. 

Luke Rance, 19, and Brandon Kerrison, 21, were arrested in December 2017 near a historic library in Gower, South Wales, after authorities detected drugs on the two men. According to The Independent, Rance purchased large amounts of marijuana and subsequently sold it to Kerrison.

Upon searching Rance's bedroom, officials discovered he had nearly $1,500 (£1,200) worth of drugs in his possession. This also included a small amount of cocaine.

Kerrison appeared in court on charges of propriety of marijuana with intent to deal, and Rance was charged with propriety of marijuana with intent to deal as well as possession of cocaine.

When the two appeared before Judge David Hale on Wednesday, rather than sentencing them to jail, Judge Hale instead lauded the college students for their impeccable grammar. Per The Telegraph, the message "Mad flavours from 10 tonight – let me know for more details" impressed the judge. 

Addressing the defendants, Judge Hale stated that while engaging in drug use can be "pleasurable," he warned Rance and Kerrison of the ramifications that can lead to dealing and using illegal substances. In his defense, the justice also mentioned that he has witnessed the lives of innocent individuals go wayward after they engaged in drug use. He sympathized with Rance and Kerrison, adding that the trial brought a period of agony for their families.

He "sentenced" the two with laid-back punishments, ordering them to participate in a 12-month community order that includes 100 hours of unpaid work. Kerrison will also have to complete a rehabilitation course, The Telegraph writes. 

Over on Twitter, users noticed something "qwhite interesting" about Kerrison and Rance's punishment.

White privilege at its judicial finest. 

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