A married white Mississippi police officer has been charged in connection to the shooting death of his Black mistress.

Dominique Clayton’s body was discovered by her eight-year-old son last Sunday, according to FOX13. The boy walked in the house to get his mom to come outside for a prank. Instead, he found her lying in her bed with a gunshot wound in the back of her head.

Clayton, 32, was home alone at the time of her death because her children were spending some time at their uncle’s house. Investigators believe she was asleep when she died.

Oxford Police officer Matthew Paul Kinne was arrested on Monday and charged with murder. He was also fired from the police department.

 Clayton’s family is struggling with the loss, according to her sister Shyjuan.

"It broke us because my sister was the life of the party, she made us laugh," Shyjuan said. "My sister was crazy and silly. It won’t be the same without her.”

Shyjuan believes her sister died because Kinne didn’t want his wife to find out about their relationship.

"She was having an affair with Matt, the police officer with OPD," Shyjuan said. "(He was) real possessive and stalking her… kept sneaking in her house I guess he did this so he wouldn’t have to tell the wife."

Kinne even made expensive purchases to keep his secret.

"He bought my sister a car and kept it in his name," Shyjuan added. "He was about to get her a house. He just basically didn’t want his wife to find out."

The incident is being investigated by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and Oxford Police. Interim police chief Jeff McCutchen promised an unbiased investigation, according to The Oxford Eagle.

“We will not hide behind our badge,” McCutchen said during a press conference on Tuesday. “This badge stands for justice and today is about justice for Dominique. Dominique was a mother, daughter, sister, friend and a member of our community.”

Kinne made his first court appearance on Wednesday, so Judge Andrew Howorth could determine if he was entitled to a probable cause hearing. A bond hearing was also scheduled but later postponed. The idea of Kinne possibly getting out on bond angered Dominique’s family.

“This is a joke. We’re going to handle this,” said her mother Bessie. “I’m going to do something with this city. …This judge needs to go. There is no justice for black people. I have never seen a black defendant decide their bond. They’re allowing the killer to decide his bond.”

Shyjuan also spoke out, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

“We don’t want anybody to cover it up,” she said. “We want the truth out. We want justice for my sister.”

McCutchen also opposed bond for Kinne.

“We are with the Clayton Family. We support them and we don’t want a bond,” McCutchen said. “Matthew Kinne committed murder and we do not want him out. We support them and we will stand by them and we will be direct. We do not support a bond. He needs to be in jail.”

Kinne is currently in Panola County Jail.