Richard Lowery, a white professor at UT-Austin, has filed a class-action lawsuit against one of the Lone Star State’s other powerhouse universities: Texas A&M.

Lowery is specifically suing Texas A&M for reverse racism, as he believes that white and Asian men seeking employment at the institution are actively being discriminated against to promote racial and ethnic diversity.

“Texas A&M’s proclaimed goal of establishing a faculty whose racial composition attains ‘parity with that of the state of Texas’ seeks to achieve racial balancing, which is flatly illegal under Title VI and the binding precedent of the Supreme Court,” Lowery argues in his lawsuit, The Texas Tribune reports.

“Professor Lowery sues on behalf of a class of all white and Asian men who stand ‘able and ready’ to apply for faculty appointments at Texas A&M,” the filing continues.

It’s worth adding that the professor — who has been employed at UT-Austin since 2009 — is being represented by America First Legal, a group created by Stephen Miller and Jonathan Mitchell, two political figures who appear to have conservative leanings, according to NewsOne.

Texas A&M spokesperson Laylan Copelin threw some shade and brushed it off as an “unusual job application when Mr. Lowery says in the lawsuit he is ‘able and ready’ to apply for a faculty appointment at Texas A&M,” according to The Texas Tribune.

“Our lawyers will review the lawsuit, confer with Texas A&M and take appropriate action as warranted,” Copelin added.

We should also point out that, according to Texas A&M data accessed by The Texas Tribune, 2,658 out of a Texas A&M’s 4,869 faculty members were white. Meanwhile, 180 faculty members were Black, and 335 were Latino.

Regardless, Lowery and his attorneys believe they have sufficient grounds to take on the university, and they want the court to oversee Texas A&M’s hiring practices.

What are your thoughts on Lowery’s argument?