White South Carolina Woman Arrested For Lying About Being Attacked By A Black Man

Turns out, Kristen Rimes was never even at the scene of the attack.

Kristen Rimes
Photo Credit: Twitter/Columbia Police Department

| January 03 2019,

6:05 pm

A South Carolina woman has been arrested for falsifying claims about a Black man brutally assaulting her in the parking lot of a Walmart.

According to Cola Daily, 26-year-old Kristen Michelle Rimes told police she drove into the parking lot of an Irmo, South Carolina Walmart in November 2018 to find a friend's home on her GPS. 

Then, Rimes claimed, someone shouted, "Hey girl" at her. She said she rolled her car windows up in an attempt to ignore the voice. Despite taking this precaution, Rimes said she was forced out of her vehicle and onto the dark concrete, injuring her head in the process. 

"I felt a hit to the right side of my face almost immediately after that," she said. 

When she filed a police report about the incident, she described the assailant to police as "a Black male, medium build, wearing a hoodie with a jacket over it."

The Columbia Police Department tried to catch the man, but failed. Authorities determined the man does not exist, and officers arrested Rimes on accusations that she made up the entire incident, The State reports.

A statement from police notes their probe into the attack actually determined that Rimes wasn't even at the Walmart on the day she claims she was assaulted.

Rimes was booked on charges of filing a false police report and false swearing to authorities. She is currently detained at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, writes ABC Columbia. 

Sadly, white women falsely accusing Black men of assault and rape are nothing new. In recent months, Blavity has reported on a number of such cases, including the story of a white Michigan woman who received 45 days in prison for a false rape accusation and the story of a nine-year-old New York boy falsely accused of groping a white woman.

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