White privilege has swooped in and saved another undeserving soul. A University of Florida student was charged with sexual assault and was released because he was a "high-achieving student."

Ian Milaski was arrested on August 29 after a female student accused him of sexually assaulting her on campus. He was charged with battery and false imprisonment.

Despite being held on a $125,000 bond, a judge later ordered for the 21-year-old's release, siding with the emergency defense motion that Milaski was a “high-achieving student,” WCJB reported. 

According to the motion, the resident hall assistant is “slated to graduate in May 2020” and is a double major with “more than 210 hours of community service in the last two years.” 

UF’s student newspaper, The Alligator, also reported that the senior argued he needed to be released to assist his parents in preparing for Hurricane Dorian.

The female student, who is a sophomore, told officers that Milaski continuously made advances toward her while he was inebriated as she walked him back to his room.

According to the police report, when she tried to leave his room Milaski grabbed her, picking her off the floor and pinning her to his bed, where he attempted to “finger her.”

The woman was able to escape and return to her dorm room, but later that night she awoke in her bed to find Milaski trying to lie next to her, HuffPost reported. She then confronted Milaski while her friend immediately woke up and yelled at him, telling him to leave. 

The judge, who has not been identified in reports, ordered Milaski to not contact the young woman and banned him from returning to Sarasota and Alachua Counties. 

According to reports, no court date has been set for Milaski.