As people across the nation have taken to the streets to protest after the death of George Floyd, white supremacists have been seen infiltrating demonstrations in hopes of sparking a civil war. 

People in multiple U.S. cities are protesting police brutality and systemic racism after video showed a former Minneapolis officer with his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly 10 minutes, as Blavity previously reported. As reports emerged of protests turning violent and unlawful, it became evident that white people were behind the unrest.

On Friday, Vice reported that a group of white supremacists, identified as Boogaloo Bois, were showing up to protests around the nation with the sole agenda of carrying out their hostility toward law enforcement. Boogaloo is a code word used within far-right organizations to spark civil unrest.

The group, which often show up to demonstrations in Hawaiian shirts and with weapons, is known for its disdain toward police officers and for being anti-government extremists. Yet, they market themselves as allies of Black Lives Matters protesters. 

The Boogaloo Bois' antipathy toward law enforcement stems from the 1992 Ruby Ridge shooting where a former Green Beret's family was gunned down by the FBI, ATF and Secret Service.