Social media users are scratching their heads after watching a viral video of a white woman refusing to leave a Black man’s apartment. The clip shows the woman barricading herself in the residence and how the police handled the situation, which many viewers thought was insufficient.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, someone shared the video on Tuesday via Twitter.

“I just know she’s Ultra MAGA,” the user wrote along with the clip.

In the video, which many deemed strange, the white woman is shown attempting to enter the residence as the Black man tries to hold her back.

“I want to clear my name,” she says in the clip. “I know I won.”

The woman started yelling several numbers and mentioned a “$400 house cleaning bill.” The whole time, the Black man tries to remove her from the premises, which gets complicated when she successfully closes the door behind them.

“Get out of my f**king house,” he yells in the clip.

Things escalated when the white woman grabbed a backpack that appeared to belong to the Black man. Another man then enters the apartment and tries to remove the white woman.

“That’s ours,” the woman yells while holding a broken picture frame.

“It’s fake,” she yells later, as the men try to stop her from hurting herself on remnants of the frame.

Another clip shows police intervening. Several officers tried to hold the woman down as she clung to the inside of the Black man’s apartment.

“You’re breaking the law,” the woman screamed while detained.


Shortly after the video appeared on Twitter, users flooded the comments with their thoughts on the bizarre incident.

“I keep a taser right at my front door for this purpose,” one user wrote.


“Damn, she strong,” another chimed in.

Some were critical of the Black man’s response to the woman’s behavior.

“Why the f*ck are y’all so soft? If you don’t toss her out like luggage at an airport,” they tweeted.

“The way i wouldve choke slammed that bch after the 3rd “get out of my house”… *30 mins later : me somehow getting arrested for assault,*” another added with a GIF.

Some pointed out that the police were highly gentle toward the woman, especially considering the circumstances.

“I’m fascinated by how restrained these cops are. Because any time they are called for black people who are having a mental health crisis the only thing they know to do is to shoot at them,” one wrote.

“Meanwhile….,” another added with a clip of a police officer violently arresting a Black woman.

Several viewers offered additional context to the video. One claimed the woman is the Black man’s neighbor and lives with mental illness.

“He did a follow up and said she is a neighbor with mental illness,” they explained. “There’s other videos with her being carted off by police and her husband apologizing to him. But it’s funny how white people with mental illnesses often go this route towards folks who don’t look like them.”