Another white woman called the police on some black folks who were minding their business.

Facebooker Serenity Jackson posted a video of an unidentified white woman telling a sob story to a police officer who was over her shenanigans.

The woman, now known as Pool Patty, says she called the police after she asked a black woman to talk to her because she was “depressed,” and the woman refused.

Then, in a move straight outta elementary school, she accused the group of picking on her.

“Then ALL of them started making fun of me, started making jokes, started laughing at me,” she complained.

The story got more bizarre after she accused a woman of threatening to “kick her ass” out of nowhere.

When she was done telling her story, the police officer revealed members of the group flagged him down before the incident to tell him about her behavior. When she claimed everyone’s ganged up on her, he called her bluff.

“So, all of these people are lying?” the officer asked.

She repeated the same story and even called herself a “minority” at one point. A woman from the group told her side of the story, saying the woman was “screaming” at the group. The woman added she filmed the incident because she feared the police would believe a white woman over them. A man told a similar story, saying the woman yelled: “I’ll kick your f**kng ass” after they refused to talk to her.

As the black folks told their story, Pool Patty kept interrupting, prompting the officer to threaten her with arrest if she didn’t keep quiet.

The officer seemed satisfied with their story and asked them if they need anything before he left. The man and woman said no and thanked him as the video ended.

No word on what happened to Pool Patty.

Check out the white tears below: