A Black woman and her children were attacked with pepper and verbally assaulted by a white woman inside a pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York

Police said on Wednesday that the 36-year-old mother, who wished to stay anonymous for fear of retaliation, her 5-month-old and 4-year-old were targeted while paying for their food, New York Daily News reported. 

According to the mother, she and her two children were enjoying a day out and grabbed a meal at Not Ray's Pizza Friday evening. As they were about to exit the woman came up to them in a racist diatribe.     

“She said ‘F**k your baby, n****r,’” the single mother and licensed realtor recalled on Wednesday. “To my 4-year-old, she called him a n****r and said ‘Get out of this country.’”

The unprovoked woman then took the red pepper shaker and shook it at the mother’s face. She said she made sure that none of the red pepper flakes got on her toddler’s nose or eyes, according to Newsweek. 

Video taken by a witness shows the white woman leaving the pizzeria as the mother can be heard inside recounting the incident. 

“You murdered all my f**king people, you weird b***h,” the white woman can be heard saying to the witness before walking away. 

Moments later, the witness is heard yelling, “Get the f**k outta here you Karen!”  

The mother said she was surprised as the restaurant is a place she and her children visit multiple times. In fact, they had just been there the week prior, NBC New York reported.  

New York police are still trying to locate the white woman. They believe she may be experiencing homelessness and told the mother she was likely off her medications. 

Hearing this, the mother said she was frustrated at their attempt to justify what happened.

“As a melanated woman, a lot of times people try to dismiss us,” she said. “People try to dismiss our voices. We need to be protected ... We all have some kind of degree of stress going on. That shouldn’t be an excuse.

She said she had to tell her 4-year-old son that the woman's actions were wrong to help calm him down.   

"I had to explain to him that we’re from here, born and raised in Brooklyn,” the mother added. 

On Wednesday, the NYPD Hate Crimes task force tweeted still images of the woman from the witness video asking the public to send information.  

NYPD is now investigating the incident as a hate crime.