In a failed attempt to gain sympathizers for her white fragility antics, a white woman who called police on a Black graduate student for napping last year is crying foul after law enforcement denied her request to share footage of the incident. 

On May 7, 2018, Sarah Braasch, a Yale doctoral student, reportedly took issue with fellow graduate student Lolade Siyonbola snoozing in the Hall of Graduate Studies and subsequently called the police on her.

According to Yale Daily News, when police arrived they questioned Siyonbola, who Braasch claimed was trespassing and harassing her. However, the napping graduate student had her student identification and keys to access the building with her. Police ultimately let Siyonbola remain in the space despite Braasch’s vigilante efforts.  

Because karma is swift, Braasch was subsequently dragged on social media for being yet another white person who doesn’t mind the business that pays them. 

Since her social media reckoning, the Yale doctoral student said her life has been “completely destroyed.” 

“I’ve been vilified on a global scale,” she told Yale Daily News

“I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to get a job again, especially not in the careers that I’ve worked my entire life for. I want the public to see that Yale lied about me to cover up their wrongdoing, and that they destroyed an innocent person," she said. 

The Yale Police Department denied Braasch’s request to release the footage of the incident, stating the video contains “uncorroborated allegations” that prevent them from being released. 

“We determined that there was no trespass because the other woman was in the common room sleeping,” Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins said. “It’s common for students to fall asleep while studying for finals.”

While the YPD stated the footage cannot be released, they did offer Braasch the opportunity to view the video in private, a request that she declined. 

Since the incident, Braasch claims that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and harassment. Insisting that she had no intention of “ruining someone’s life,” the distressed white doctoral student said, “I really just wanted, as I’ve said multiple times, the only thing I wanted was to be left alone and in peace to finish my dissertation work.”

The moral of the story is leave Black people alone, especially when they aren’t bothering you, Sarah.