Robin Roberts is a television broadcaster and one of the most beloved morning show anchors in television history.

She attended Southeastern Lousian University, where she would develop a love for journalism. After graduating from the university in 1983, Roberts began her career as a sports anchor for WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And later, as an anchor and producer for WLOX-TV in Biloxi, Mississippi, and at WSMV-TV in Nashville.

In 2002, Roberts joined the team on Good Morning America, where she covered some of the biggest stories in history, including Hurricane Katrina and the horrific earthquake in Haiti. Known for her sharp wit and undeniable passion for journalism, Roberts quickly became a fan favorite, wooing audiences from around the country.

Robin Roberts’ Cancer Diagnosis

In 2007, Robin Roberts noticed a lump in her breast as she prepared for a GMA segment on how to detect breast cancer. She would later reveal that she had, in fact, been diagnosed with the disease.

Roberts survived breast cancer only to reveal that she had been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome. Fortunately, her life-saving bone marrow transplant was successful, and she made a full recovery sometime later.

Who is Amber Laign?

Rumors circulated as Roberts spent more and more time away from her role on Good Morning America. She would later announce that her partner, Amber Laign, was also diagnosed with breast cancer towards the end of 2021.

Laign began cancer treatments, as fans took to social media to send their support and well wishes. And fortunately, Roberts would later reveal to fans that Laign had successfully completed her radiation treatment — great news for the couple and their fans.

A breast cancer diagnosis is no laughing matter. But fortunately, many men and women survive the disease and go on to lead happy and healthy lives. And with Robin Roberts as her partner, Amber Laign is sure to do just that. Here are five things to know about Amber Laign:

1. She Co-Founded Plant Juice Oils

Amber Laign is much more than the wife of a famous broadcaster. She co-founded Plant Juice Oils, a company dedicated to creating sustainable, high-quality plant oils that can be used by people across the country. She started the company with her business partner Marci Freede after recognizing a need for a more holistic approach to their loved ones’ health conditions.

Today, Plant Juice Oils acts a powerful aid for many people. Plus, they’re free from synthetics and perfumes. Plant Juice Oils are made from hemp to create organically-sourced, non-GMO products. The oils can be used for a wide variety of uses, from cooking to beauty products.

2. She Loves Her Pup

For many people, pets are like family. They’re loyal companions, they provide endless entertainment and cuddles, and they’re always there when you need them.

Such is the case with Amber Laign. Laign is a pet parent, and a proud one at that. She and Roberts adopted a Tibetan Spaniel Papillion mix nicknamed “Lil’ Man Lukas” after rescuing him from a shelter.

The proud pet Mama loves to post her adorable pooch on her social media accounts. He even has his own Instagram! There, Laign and Roberts share their journey as adoptive pet parents with their fans, from their family getaways to his hilarious Halloween costumes.

3. She's a Big Fan of CBD

Amber Laign is a self-proclaimed advocate for CBD. So much so that her company, Plant Juice Oils, uses it as part of its innovative formula.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants that has been gaining a lot of attention for its potential health benefits. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of the many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that can be extracted and used for medicinal purposes. While it comes from a plant widely associated with recreational drug use, CBD has been shown to have a number of positive health benefits, from reducing anxiety and pain to controlling seizures.

4. She Can Be Camera-Shy

Even though Amber Laign is married to one of the biggest broadcasters on TV, she keeps a pretty low profile, preferring to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight.

In an interview for The Ellen Degeneres Show, Robin Roberts broke it down for fans, saying that although Laign is reserved in front of the cameras, she is a major source of support behind them.

Referring to her own cancer diagnosis and treatment, Robin said “But you know, not everybody wants to be in the spotlight. She’s very, very supportive. And she’s been right there beside me every step of the way.”