An Atlanta woman’s 50-part TikTok series has stunned social media users across all platforms, shedding light on her toxic relationship with her ex-husband. Each video has amassed millions of views as she revealed the disturbing truth of being deceived by her former partner for over a year.

TikTok user ReesaTeesa shared her traumatic experience through the “Who TF Did I Marry” series on her account. While some users had just discovered the content creator’s story, others were too invested as she wrapped up the series and posted the final video on Saturday. Teesa also held a two-hour live chat on the video-sharing platform, revealing more shocking information about the ordeal.

Teesa met the man she nicknamed “Legion” on March 4, 2020, through Facebook Dating. She was unaware they had also matched on Hinge until he told her about it. After exchanging numbers, the pair had their first telephone conversation, where “Legion” shared information about his childhood, family and friends and what he did for a living.


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As the conversation continued, “Legion” provided more details about his purported life. He told Teesa he was a former arena football player who worked at Apple during the offseason before relocating from San Diego to Augusta, Georgia, to work as a VP of a condiment company.

Teesa said she was surprised at how open and transparent “Legion” was about himself, taking it as one of many overlooked red flags.

“Legion” explained that he was previously married to his ex-wife and had two stepchildren. He claimed the former couple divorced after she cheated on him when he lived in California. According to Teesa, he wanted to start over and establish a “new beginning” in Georgia.

Before the phone call ended, he asked Teesa out on a date set for March 7, 2020. As she was en route to their first meeting, her tire blew out on the highway. She called him to explain the situation, and he met her at a local gas station. Then, Teesa fell head-over-heels for “Legion” as he changed her tire and paid for a new one at a nearby shop. Her situation did not stop their first date as they persisted with their initial plans to dine at The Cheesecake Factory.

They conversed during a lengthy wait at the restaurant, and “Legion” expressed his desire for a relationship. At that moment, the then-42-year-old disclosed his aspirations of marriage, starting a family and owning a home, expressing hopes for a different outcome than his previous marriage.

Over the next two weeks, Teesa and “Legion” dedicated significant time to each other, engaging in daily conversations lasting for hours. However, their budding romance took a drastic turn after the governor enforced a statewide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teesa confessed to feeling apprehensive after deciding to quarantine together at her three-bedroom townhome. She said she struggled with the idea due to her Christian upbringing and that she vowed never to live with a man unless it was her husband.

“The way I grew up, it was not sitting right with me,” Teesa said in part two of a 10-minute clip. “But at the same time, I didn’t want to quarantine by myself.”

The pair lived together, and “Legion” paid all the household bills, alleviating Teesa’s financial responsibility. Given his prior discussions about finding a home for himself, the couple mutually agreed to search for and purchase one. He then showed her paperwork from Chase, stating the bank approved him for a mortgage on a $750,000 home.

When Teesa asked if he could afford the home, “Legion” assured her he had multiple savings accounts and had no issue with the mortgage price. She began to observe an increasing number of red flags and narcissistic behaviors exhibited by “Legion.” Despite this, she struggled to accept these observations with the image of the man she had initially encountered and wanted to believe in. Teesa revealed she had a miscarriage a few months after the pair met due to stress and other factors.

The couple wed in January 2021 and divorced five months later. During that time, Teesa discovered alarming information about her now ex-husband and how he fabricated details about his life. She was blindsided after learning “Legion” was not the VP of a condiment company. Instead, he worked for a temp company as a forklift driver.

In addition to two failed attempts to purchase a home, “Legion” couldn’t buy Teesa a new car or fulfill anything he had promised her. As the 50-part series continued to unfold, Teesa also revealed that her ex-husband had used fake Social Security numbers, falsified bank documents and had one-sided phone conversations pretending to talk with friends and family, the Atlanta Black Star reported.


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Teesa’s investigation of Legion led her to discover that he was on probation for several offenses, including criminal trespassing and impersonating an officer. Additionally, Teesa learned her ex-husband had a second wife, who confirmed he was a pathological liar.

“I just know that everything was a lie. I have not found anything that proves something was true,” Teesa explained in a live chat. “I need to forgive myself; maybe I shouldn’t say forgive myself for being dumb, but definitely forgive myself, for you would rather be right and married than be obedient and patient.”

Teesa also spoke with a few of his family members to gain some clarity about his behavior. They stated he had always been this way since childhood, leaving her questioning why no one bothered to help him.

“Which tells me you all saw something in him that was never addressed, never corrected, and now he’s a full-grown man out here in the world preying on whoever. For the record, he’s not just preying on women. He has lied to men, too, not necessarily in a romantic way, but he lies to everyone,” she said in another clip.

Despite the horrifying ordeal, Teesa wants to help other women and share how they can detect red flags early in a relationship to prevent what she went through with her ex-husband.