Whoopi Goldberg, EGOT winner and The View co-host, is never shy about speaking her mind. On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Goldberg told Republicans to stop talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop as she and her colleagues discussed the recent charges against Hunter, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden.

As the panel discussed Hunter, who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges on Tuesday, Goldberg said she is tired of hearing from Republicans who insist the president’s son is hiding much more criminal activity on his laptop. The 67-year-old TV star demanded Republicans stop talking and prove the allegations they have stirred up. 

“I want them to go through that damn laptop,” she said. “I’m sick of hearing about this laptop. This laptop — I hope it just crumbles to death. I hate it so much.”

According to CNN, the controversial laptop was found at a Delaware repair shop in 2019. Since then, Republicans have continued to insist the computer contains evidence of Hunter’s struggle with drug abuse, as well as habits of sexual misconduct and financial troubles. On Wednesday’s episode of The View, co-host Sunny Hostin echoed the allegations, saying the laptop contained nude photos of Hunter and pictures of him with women, guns and drugs.

Goldberg, however, continued to express how much she was sick of hearing about the laptop.

“I want them to shut up about it,” she said. “It’s not gonna stop y’all from going after Biden. We know you’re gonna keep looking. Because you’re lookers. You look away when you see something that’s actually worth seeing, but you gonna look for something that’s not really there.”

Goldberg urged Republicans to do their “damnedest to get all the stuff” they need to prove their case against Hunter. Using Donald Trump as an example, Goldberg said that’s how Democrats proved their case against the former president, who is facing charges of mishandling government documents, according to the BBC.

“That’s what we did,” she said. “They made a case so strong in four, five states, that they could take him to task because you can’t do the stuff that he did. If you can find something, then show the nation. But stop holding up BS stuff when there’s nothing there.”



While he pleaded guilty to federal tax offenses on Tuesday, Hunter agreed to a deal with the Justice Department to avoid prosecution on a separate gun charge, the Associated Press reported. Hunter, who has admitted to struggling with addiction after his brother Beau Biden died in 2015, will not be charged for possessing a firearm as a drug user as long as he follows the conditions laid out by prosecutors.

Sources close to the investigation told the Associated Press that Hunter might face probation for the tax charges, but he is unlikely to go to prison. Hunter netted over $1.5 million in 2017 and 2018 but failed to pay more than $100,0000 in taxes.